The Mother Warns the Tornado

Scene: a bathtub, dry. The noise outside inaudible behind the baby’s wails. And the mother tells the tornado, “I am a greedy son of a bitch, and there I know we are kin. Tornado, this is my child. . . . and and he is a small moon, an open face, a heart. Tornado, I want more.”

This motionpoem was made possible through a partnership with VIDA: Women in Literary Arts.

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A Day at the Mall Reminds Me of America

“I wonder if Kanye knows that these girls are experimenting. As with rum. As with skin, all
the ways to touch it.” Ayse Altinok’s adaptation of Sarah Blake’s poem begins with a craving. Go ahead.

This film was co-produced with VIDA: Women in Literary Arts.

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Postcard to My Third Crush Today

When filmmaker Sam Hoolihan fell for poet Sean Hill’s “Postcard to My Third Crush Today,” nobody was safe.

Co-produced with Milkweed Editions.

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When the Men Go Off to War

Across the street the trees are unrooting, the mailboxes rising up like dandelion stems, and eventually we too float off…Noah Dorsey renders “what happens when they leave” in restless swirls of color.

This motionpoem was made possible by a partnership with The Southwest Review.

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The Imagined

If you come to realize that the imagined woman can only satisfy your imagination, try watching this motionpoem—adapted by Matt Craig from Stephen Dunn’s “The Imagined”—instead.

This motionpoem was made possible through a partnership with W.W. Norton & Company.

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Talking Points, or: Eggheads

Let John Koethe and Rob Perez take you on a memory trip. Remember Sputnik and piano lessons? Bongo drums and beatniks?

This motionpoem was made possible through a partnership with Harper Collins.

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Albert Einstein

I’m not positive, but I think the theory of relativity has something to do with arrows, fried eggs, and a radio on a train traveling at light speed. This adaptation of Matthew Zapruder’s “Albert Einstein” by John Akre is full of beautiful guesses.

Co-produced with Copper Canyon Press and BEST AMERICAN POETRY.

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Jung / Malena / Darwin

Sit down with your shadow self and watch Chris Jopp’s take on Albert Goldbarth’s “Jung / Malena / Darwin.”

Co-produced with Graywolf Press.

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Antique Sound

83-year-old Pulitzer winning poet W.S. Merwin himself agreed to lay this track down over sculptor Evan Holm’s amazing installation of a turntable submerged in a pool of ink.

Co-produced with Copper Canyon Press.

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Wayne the Stegosaurus

Wayne the Stegosaurus: tiny brain, dinosaur-sized heart. Tie a bow tie to your tail, put some bananas on your head, and watch The Mill’s big and brave and spiny adaptation of Children’s Poet Laureate Kenn Nesbitt’s “Wayne the Stegosaurus.”

Co-produced with The Poetry Foundation.

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