Antique Sound

83-year-old Pulitzer winning poet W.S. Merwin himself agreed to lay this track down over sculptor Evan Holm’s amazing installation of a turntable submerged in a pool of ink.

Co-produced with Copper Canyon Press.

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Wayne the Stegosaurus

Wayne the Stegosaurus: tiny brain, dinosaur-sized heart. Tie a bow tie to your tail, put some bananas on your head, and watch The Mill’s big and brave and spiny adaptation of Children’s Poet Laureate Kenn Nesbitt’s “Wayne the Stegosaurus.”

Co-produced with The Poetry Foundation.

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This is Not a Fairytale

Some years ago, two young parents abandoned their child in a Michigan woods. Poet Laura Kasischke wonders: “Did they sleep that night?” Filmmaker Laurent Barthelemy and dancer Shizuka Kusayanagi take her hand.

Co-produced with BEST AMERICAN POETRY.

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The Ring-Toss Lady Breaks a Five

Step right up and test your love: Dave Matthews Band bassist Stefan Lessard narrates this tender amusement of a poem by Mark Kraushaar. It wins.


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Working Order

Audiences are buzzing about Gentleman Scholar’s honey-dripping adaptation of Dora Malech’s errant poem about the “small gravity” of nature’s machines.

Co-produced with IOWA REVIEW.

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Western Civilization

Where will you be when your spirit guide comes looking for Keith Moon? When filmmaker Alicia Reece went looking for a poem to animate for Motionpoems Season 5, she found Peter Jay Shippy’s poem about Lucas, marooned 50 miles from Moab, and said: “I want it.”

Co-produced with BEST AMERICAN POETRY.

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All American

Filmed near Lake Geneva Switzerland (and at the Large Hadron Collider at Cern), British filmmaker Richard Johnson and dancer Jasmine Morand present this francoperspective on California poet David Hernandez’s all-inclusive poem, “All American.”


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Stupid Sandwich

Carolyn Figel and Andrew Montague of MPC stack turkey, cheese, and wind-up teeth between slices of baseball and boxing to adapt Nathan Anderson’s knockout “Stupid Sandwich.” So yeah, we all have these moments.


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White Fur

Psyop director/designer Georgia Tribuiani tracked poet Mark Wunderlich’s “White Fur” into the San Gabriel Mountains for this gorgeously re-imagined poem-within-a-poem inspired by Caravaggio’s “Narcissus.”

Co-produced with Graywolf Press.

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Our 2014 premiere drew 600!

Motionpoems unveiled Season 5 by premiering 16 new films in the luxurious Walker Art Center cinema in Minneapolis.

Next premiere: May 21, 2015!

600 people were there! Congratulations to all our poets and filmmakers!

See you for our next premiere April 10, 2015!

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